Global Expansion of Chia Network Security with Successful ASIC Timelord Rollout

  • July 3, 2024

Much like the famous police box, ASIC timelords have landed… well, a bunch of boxes actually. But the result is just as timey-wimey!

Community purchasers around the world have received their units, and many are now actively contributing to the Chia blockchain’s security.

This rollout wasn’t just about speed (although these ASICs offer significant performance improvements for VDF weight proofs), it was a strategic move to expand the geographic footprint of our timelords. With a dozen new countries joining the network, the global distribution of block infusion and proof validation has been significantly enhanced.

Because we want to protect the anonymity of the purchasers, we will not be sharing a map of this distribution but the distribution of timelords follows pretty closely with the general concentration of nodes globally. Which makes them even more effective as primary and backup time clocks for the global network.

So, a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the program! You’re officially part of the Chia time chaining squad, helping us maintain a healthy and decentralized network. Remember, with great timelord power comes great responsibility… to keep those proofs of weight running smoothly!

For those just catching up, timelord documentation on timelord architecture can be found here and the same for operating the timelord software here.

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