Roadmap Update – Chia Cloud Services Platform

  • June 21, 2024

We are back with the latest updates on the Chia Network roadmap! This newest iteration of our roadmap reflects our efforts to further Chia’s mission of being the best and most secure blockchain for DeFi.

Blockchain is at a critical inflection point. Digitized real-world assets continue to gain momentum, and the friction holding back broader adoption must be addressed. Issuers need infrastructure that can comply with business and regulatory requirements, and building that secure platform within a native blockchain development environment remains a challenge.

Enterprise use cases require secure key signing and management workflows, meaning a business must outsource digital asset operations through a 3rd party like Coinbase or Anchorage and remain hands-off. Effectively increasing their costs and introducing risk.

So, to address the challenges of adopting enterprise-grade blockchain, we built a service-oriented architecture-based abstraction, the Chia Cloud Services Platform, that provides developers and solutions architects API access to our differentiated blockchain capabilities without developing blockchain-level code.

The Chia Cloud Services Platform

With this roadmap update, we’re launching the Chia Cloud Services Platform, a new SaaS [offering] to bring the Chia blockchain-enabled capabilities like escrowless trades, multi-sig vaults, and peer-to-peer trading to developers without the need to build bespoke technology in Chialisp.

This release introduces our new cloud wallet infrastructure that increases the scalability and flexibility of the blockchain and enables new features, sophisticated ownership, custody configurations, and access to the Chia-built primitives, including:

With the Chia Cloud Platform, we’re delivering enterprise-grade software services and applications for secure transactions of real-world assets and creating the foundation for truly decentralized finance.

The Updated Roadmap

See the roadmap here

To supplement the roadmap and this post, we’re hosting a Q&A on Tuesday, June 11 at 11 am PST (1800 UTC)!

Bring your questions and join here!

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