New decentralized exchange with Goby wallet

  • March 16, 2022

A new DeX (decentralized exchange) called has been launched in the Chia ecosystem. Like Offerbin, Offerpool and, places user suggestions in a convenient way. But the most important advantage is the integration of the Goby wallet.

Earlier I wrote that Goby is a browser wallet, like ETH’s Metamask, and did a review of Chia’s lightweight wallets. Using this approach greatly simplifies the process of exchanging offers between users and not only. Do you have any more doubts? Then see for yourself.

When you go to the website, a list of available offers (offers) is immediately displayed, not only Chia cryptocurrencies, but also CATs tokens created on its basis. Connecting your Goby wallet. After the connection, the functions for making purchases become available. To make a deal, find the offer you need, offers, click on the Accept button and select Accept in Goby. Then the wallet will open in the browser in which you need to confirm the transaction.



Goby is really convenient to use, it will help simplify the work between people who want to safely exchange assets, simplify making payments in the online store… I recommend using it as an everyday Chia wallet. As a cold one, I don’t think it’s too early, not much time has passed yet.

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