Flexpool blocks Russian farmers and calls for boycott

  • March 11, 2022

I don’t want to touch on politics, that’s not why we’re here. But some companies still look at it differently, for example, the Flexpool mining pool. introduces restrictions for Russian users. And to be more precise, it completely blocks all Russian-speaking IP addresses and encourages others to do so.

I do not recommend farmers and miners to use Flexpool, who knows under what pretext you will be blocked!

You can read the official statement yourself:

As everyone has heard, Russia has launched an unexpected invasion of Ukraine. The world is once again faced with a war that may signal the next and possibly the last war. This could be the biggest war since World War II, bigger than any of us, and it goes beyond politics or nationality. This is a war in peacetime, when we are busy overcoming the COVID-19 crisis and getting out of it. People are dying, and the world is wondering if the West will join them or if it will watch Ukraine fall because of Putin’s ambitions.

We usually don’t interfere in politics, despite our personal views as a company. However, this is more than politics, more than anyone. This is a war that can end the world. It certainly takes the lives of many innocent people in Eastern Europe. Although there is little we can do, it would be wrong to profit from it or finance it indirectly. We stop servicing all Russian IP addresses and pay outstanding balances.

We apologize to our Russian miners; many of you do not support the war. However, it is you who support your nation. Russia cannot work without people. Only by reducing the economic power of his people do we have a chance to influence this war. We thank you for your loyalty, and I hope you understand that we do not take this decision lightly. If this situation is resolved peacefully, we will be happy to take back all Russian miners and use our personal funds to compensate you.

If you are in Ukraine and reading this now, know that the whole world is with you. We cannot change the situation ourselves. We encourage other companies and people around the world to join us and change the world for the better together. It’s not about politics; it’s about preventing the end of the world and saving lives. Companies and people should put the planet above profit in the modern era. Ukraine has four nuclear power plants. Even ignoring the possibility of a Third World War, there is a possibility of another Chernobyl if one of the plants is threatened with extinction. The Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan occurred despite the fact that the plant was warned in advance, so they were closed and built to withstand an earthquake. Everyone in Europe, Russia and the Middle East is threatened by radioactive fallout if the worst happens. Note that the end of the world will come not because people are doing something, but because people know, but prefer not to do anything.


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