How to save resources when farming Chia forks and monitor the balance of tokens without synchronizing the wallet

  • November 16, 2021

Recently faced with the need to save resources. My main node is built on the legendary 8 core FX 8350 processor and has 16 gigs of RAM on board. Harvesters are connected to it. But the number of Chia forks, which currently work about 30 pieces, require quite a few resources. So for a couple of days in a row I could not understand why at one certain moment everything falls off and processes are deleted. The answer did not take long to wait, and the problem was a lack of RAM. When filling it out, Debian just killed all the processes.

Something had to be done about it. And the first thing that came to mind, remembering the official documentation, is that we can run our node without synchronizing the wallet. Well, let’s do it.

chia start farmer-no-wallet

In the images you can see that when the wallet synchronization was running, 13.3 gigabytes of memory were used, and when the wallet synchronization was disabled, 5.9 is not a bad saving. 9 forks were launched simultaneously.


There is still a small problem left, how to check the balance of the purchased one?! Going through the pages from the search, I found a wonderful resource / it combines a universal explorer for Chia forks and an exchange for exchanging tokens among themselves.

Chia Fork Explorer: /
Exchange: /

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