Chia-cranes: list of top free faucets for Chia (XCH) cryptocurrency and forks for August 2021

  • November 16, 2021

Chia Taps (Chia-Faucet) is an easy, fast way to get your first Chia XCH! I have already done review of chia cranes last month, now the list has expanded and expanded.
Here is an up-to-date list of crane sites for obtaining free cryptocurrency Chia as well as its forks. You get a small amount of coins completely free of charge every day or more often.
To receive tokens, you need a wallet address. To do this, you need to download the official Chia Blockchain client or another client, and look at the wallet address in it.

Chia Faucet

New overseas free Chia faucet. Spin the roulette wheel and win Chia several times an hour. Registration is required to receive XCH. /

Chia crane from the Ukrainian pool /

Discord Faucet

Discord Faucet, with the ability to receive not only Chia but also tokens such as Spare, Wax, Goji, etc. /


Get free XCH once a day from AZPool.

Chia Garden

Discord Tap— Get Free XCH every day with Chia Garden .

Free 100,000 mojo once every 24 hours.

Claim a small amount of XCH daily.

A small reward with XCH coins every 12 hours. /


Free Chia coins every 6 hours. Discord Faucet

Bot on the Discord server , which can be used once every 24 hours.

Official Chia Faucet Recommended!

Official crane from the Chia team. Get some mojo and practice creating smart contracts and interacting with them. /

XCH Crane

Get XCH daily through the tap!

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