Dive Into The Chia Academy

  • April 12, 2024

We released Chia Academy in December 2023 to simplify your entry into the world of the Chia blockchain. We’d like to provide some background on why we think providing education matters and what the Chia Academy can do for you!

Why Create the Chia Academy?

Blockchain education (beyond guides for Solidity) is lacking. We want to provide new developers with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to build the next generation of blockchain technologies. Chia Academy bridges the gap between curiosity and proficiency – serving both newcomers seeking a solid understanding of blockchain basics and grizzled veteran developers looking to delve into Chialisp intricacies.

Your Learning Journey

The Chia Academy courses offer a range of content including videos, written guides, and interactive quizzes.

The initial release features three foundational courses:

-Blockchain Basics: Start your blockchain journey with a solid foundation. This course covers the fundamental concepts and principles that underpin the entire blockchain.
-Building with Chialisp: Deep-dive into Chialisp, gaining a functional understanding of its use and applications within the blockchain ecosystem.
-Plotting & Farming on Chia: Learn more about the processes that keep the Chia blockchain running and secure.

We hope our efforts encourage exploration, learning, and new opportunities for you. We’re thrilled to have you join us on this journey!

original source – Chia.net

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