Version 2.1.2 Release

  • February 3, 2024

Version 2.1.2 of the Chia reference client is now available for download! This release mostly contains bug fixes, along with a few additional features. This is not a required update, but several beta testers have noted improvements in their farms’ performance when testing this release. We therefore recommend that you install it on your node and harvesters.

DAO Alpha Primitive

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) are a new form of organizational structure, where control over decisions is managed by a set of decentralized members. This release introduces an alpha version of the first DAO standard on the Chia blockchain. Chia DAOs were designed to overcome some of the largest issues with DAOs on other blockchains, such as voter apathy and a general lack of trust.

Do keep in mind that we are still very early in this space. We currently only recommend that you try out DAOs on a testnet or simulator. More features will be added over time.

For now, we have compiled a few helpful documents:

Full Node Bug Fixes

This release comes with notable bug fixes for full nodes:

  • Deep re-orgs – Re-orgs of more than a block are rare in Chia. However, when they have happened, full nodes have been inefficient at processing them. The linked Pull Request was created to improve the way nodes process deep re-orgs, and ultimately the logic was implemented in the fix-deep-reorgs branch before being added to this release.
  • Sub-epoch summaries – Nodes have a file in their config’s db folder called sub-epoch-summaries. This file is a cache of information about sub-epochs taken from the blockchain database. Its primary benefit is to improve performance upon a node’s startup, and it is also used during a node’s normal operation. Previously, if this file were to become corrupted, or if it was not included with a download of the snapshot database, the node would not perform a recovery. A startup failure would then occur further down the line, with non-obvious error messages. The update in this release will perform the recovery in this scenario, thereby avoiding future startup errors.
  • Get_block_spends and get_puzzle_and_solution RPCs – Prior to the addition of this fix, after the hard fork from version 2.0 activates in June 2024, the get_block_spends RPC would have stopped working entirely, and the get_puzzle_and_solution RPC would have failed in certain situations. This fix ensures that these RPCs will continue working after the hard fork activates.

Other Fixes and Improvements

  • Read our release notes for details on other fixes and improvements that have been made in this release here.

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