Launching the ChiaTCG

  • May 2, 2023

The Chia Trading Card Game (ChiaTCG) is an open-source, proof-of-concept Web3 game that serves as a reference product to support adoption among game developers and jumpstart their journey using Chia technology. It demonstrates how each of the Chia primitives come together to build the technology infrastructure for our CODE framework.

With the open-source project, the Chia community (and those beyond!) can now make their own NFT-based games and showcase how digital ownership across multiple games works for both creators and players. We believe this is the next evolution of the digital economy creators and players want.

We’re not stopping there, though. With a vibrant set of Chia-based Web3 TCG games, we’re approaching game developers with your games, showing how our technology works and provides value to gamers. We believe the CODE framework meets the needs of the users and can become the underlying infrastructure for many established online games and for the future of video game development.

Why TCGs?

Trading Card Games (TCG) is a popular genre in gaming, and we chose it as our first target to showcase one of Chia’s greatest strengths: Offers. Most online TCGs don’t allow digital ownership or trading through restrictive Terms of Services and End User License Agreements. The few NFT-driven TCGs allow buying and selling of cards, but only on centralized marketplaces. We want to put trading back into online TCGs with true ownership and Peer to Peer (P2P) trading for online TCGs. This is the expected behavior and a bare minimum feature for people who play physical TCGs.

The TCG genre eliminates a key challenge in gaming interoperability, how more complex visual assets can be used between games. By focusing on 2D art, standard interoperability already exists via standardized formats; e.g. JPEG. Additionally, this enables us to use all NFTs in the current Chia ecosystem easily for the proof of concept.

How can I play the game?

The game will be available to the public as an open beta on May 18, 10:00 AM PDT (5:00 PM UTC).

As a Web3 project, we wanted to provide a set of community activities before the game is released to the public. So we have the following plans for different parts of the Chia community:

  • NFT collectors: If you already own Chia NFTs, you can see how powerful your NFT will be in ChiaTCG with our Appraiser tool. You can access it via the main game website and run it against your XCH wallet address or DID. Alternatively, you can visit some of the most popular Chia NFT or Blockchain explorers as well. Collectors who own at least 6 NFTs will have access to our open beta.
  • Chia community: Anyone that has a Chia wallet and a DID will have an opportunity to vote on the final project name. Given this is a proof of concept that we’ll be showing off to real potential partners, we’ve vetted three names with our legal team: ChiaVerse, ChiaFrenzy, and ChiaMania. Voting can be found here.

Who was involved with ChiaTCG?

While we outlined the area we wanted to work within, the ChiaTCG game and ecosystem are primarily community driven and we want to celebrate the contributions from everyone!

  • Kalt Solutions – Developed the core ChiaTCG game
  • MintGarden – ChiaTCG appraiser view on their NFT explorer
  • – ChiaTCG appraiser view on their blockchain explorer
  • Farmers Market – ChiaTCG appraiser view on their NFT explorer
  • SumSet Tech – Built a proof of concept TCG (Decentralized Dominion). They provide consulting and development services to help creators adopt the CODE framework
  • Crew of Eight – Provided assets from their game in development
  • Heroes of Quantum – Developed one of the first proof of concept games using Chia blockchain and plans to continue work on their project with the CODE framework
  • Monkeyzoo – Creating a trading card game that will use Chia’s new NFT technology to allow upgradable and downgradable digital assets
  • Pawket – Building a proof of concept TCG called Cats’ Castle Confrontation
  • – Building tools for creators to effortlessly import and generate TCG assets using a decentralized pool of GPU workers who are paid in XCH
  • – Created a Chia DID-based polling for the community to vote on the final name for ChiaTCG

But why is the game Chia branded?

We partnered with Kalt Solutions to develop the open-source reference game and paid for the right to brand the project to ensure ChiaTCG is available for at least 12 months for live demos.

What’s our Release Schedule?

Like all other Web3 native games, ChiaTCG is a living community-driven project, you can get updated news on our ChiaTCG site and actively engage with the community on Discord.

We’re excited to see everyone engage with ChiaTCG, and can’t wait to see all the new types of games the community will build in the coming months!

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