Chia 1.2.121 client update added third-party MadMax and Bladebit plotters

  • November 7, 2022

The new update of the Chia 1.2.11 client, which was released on November 5, brought a lot of joy to farmers and the community as a whole.

2 new plotters have been added, widely used in the Chia community: Bladebit created by @harold-b, and MadMax, created by @madMAx43v3r. Both of these plotters significantly reduce the time of creating rafts on Chia by several times. Now there is no need to pervert with scripts, batniki and documentation, now everything is out of the box.

The update also includes an important performance improvement. Last weekend, an unknown person made a transaction attack on the Chia network, read more here. Thanks to this test, the developers were able to improve transaction processing. These optimizations are only the first wave of a series of many next updates.

Update description:

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