Chia Wallet Update 1.3.1

  • March 18, 2022

This update includes several bug fixes that appeared in version 1.3.0. Despite the fact that there is still a lot of work to be done, version 1.3.1 includes quite important fixes, so it’s worth installing the update as soon as possible.


  • Added a check to make sure that the prefix of the wallet address is xch or txch.
  • Added improved TLS1.3 validation to handle cases where python uses a non-openssl library.


  • Updated the query to the block_count_metrics RPC endpoint database for efficient use of indexes in V2 DBs.
  • Continuous improvements to the internal environment to increase speed and reliability.


  • Improved config.yaml to prevent cases of using the wrong pool for PlotNFT.
  • Fixed the command chia keys show displaying a wallet address received not from an observer.
  • Fixed the command plotnft claim error return.
  • Fixed an incorrect DB commit that prevented the rollback of the coin store.
  • Fixed a blocking issue with PlotManager.plots that caused a long search time on rafts.
  • Fixed an exception if chia keys migrate is executed without the need for migration.
  • Fixed the Farmer’s Reward dialog box (GUI).
  • Fixed the display of the pool payout address (GUI).
  • Fixed the display of harvester status when restarting harvesters (GUI).
  • Fixed wallet RPC get_offers_count to return an error when there are no transactions (Thanks, @dkackman!)
  • Fixed spelling error «genrated» (Thanks again, @dkackman!)
  • Fixed a typo «log_maxbytessrotation» in the initial config (@skweee made his first contribution!)

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