How to send HddCoin coins for staking under the Hodl program

  • January 11, 2022

Not long ago I told about the news that the team HddCoin announced a coin staking program with a reward up to 30% per annum. In this article, I will give instructions and we will analyze how to send Hddcoin coins for staking.

Sending coins for staking via the HddCoin graphic client

  • Download the latest version of the client from the official website, at the time of writing this article it is HDDcoin version v2.0.0.
  • We launch the client and wait for synchronization with the network. The wallet must also be synchronized.
  • After synchronization, go to the HODL tab

HddCoin Client

List of HddCoin Hodl CLI commands :

hddcoin hodl -h  HDDcoin HODL CLI Commands  Usage:  hddcoin hodl [OPTIONS] COMMAND [ARGS]    Options:  -h, –help     Show this message and exit.    Commands: cancel Cancellation of an existing contract commit Registration of a new staking contract limits Checking current wallet limits profits Displaying future profit after the expiration of the contract programs Displaying existing staking contracts show Detailed information about the contract and contracts
  • Let’s look at the current list of contracts for staking by the command:
hddcoin hodl programs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name Term Rwd Minimum Description ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EBRD-12M30 12M 30% 88 HDD Early bird special!! 12 month commit, 30% reward EBRD-3M5 3M 5% 28 HDD Early bird special!! 3 month commit, 5% reward  EBRD-6M12 6M 12% 68 HDD Early bird special!! 6 month commit, 12% reward  -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

As we can see, there are 3 contracts available, with investments for a period of 3, 6 and 12 months at 5, 12 and 30% per annum. The longer the deadline, the greater the reward.

After we have selected the contract we need, it remains to transfer money, enter the command replacing it with our data


hddcoin hodl commit -P< contract number> -f<wallet number>-a<quantity>  hddcoin hodl commit -P EBRD-12M30 -f 1234567890 -a 250

We have all sent coins for staking, now we can check.

hddcoin hodl show

Hddcoin hodl show

For more details, you can enter the contract number with the key –

hddcoin hodl show-C <contract number>

Hddcoin hodl show


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