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  • December 17, 2021


We have a new home for Documentation for all things Chia launching today, at!

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our new Chia Docs site! This new site is step one of several in our ongoing efforts to help streamline and clarify our repositories for end-user support, as well as for developer documentation.

We’ve not been blind to the fact that we have a fair bit of information scattered across multiple sources, and it is not always clear where the “source of truth” lives for a given topic. This problem is further compounded by the fact that we provide documentation about Chia (the technology)as well as Chia Network Inc. (the company) in differing locations. This means that the right place to start for what you need to read varies per topic, and we place too much burden on users to know where to begin, or what threads to tug at to find the right path on their own.

To address this, aims to be our new “landing pad” for all things documentation. While the actual source materials may live in different places based on context (example: FAQs about Chia Network Inc. on our website, farmer support on the GitHub Wiki, and Chialisp guidance on, this one site will serve as the “table of contents” as it were, to point you in the right directions. We hope that by having a single funnel into all support and developer documentation and removing duplication across platforms, we can better support you and remove the uncertainty around if the data you are looking for is up-to-date.

That brings us to the second part of this process. Right now there is a bit of duplication and overlap on some information, which we plan to address over the coming weeks by cleaning up what is out there in other locations, such as the website and GitHub wiki, so that key information on a given subject only lives in one place. This will help us avoid stale content drifting away from its up-to-date counterpart, and ensure we can keep better tabs on our relevant platform engagement.

Finally, there is the third part–the aforementioned GitHub Wiki. By moving the more critical aspects to the docs site, where we can ensure the critical information is protected from bad actors, we can roll back some of the security measures we had to put into place on the wiki over the summer. This way we can give the community back the ability to contribute to the wiki like they once were able to, for more peer-to-peer support and guidance, tips and tricks, runbook examples, etc.

We have done a lot of thinking about these changes, and we hope this support and developer documentation overhaul is a successful one. However, the best way to ensure that it really hits the mark is based on user feedback from you, the community. We welcome your thoughts as we work through these steps and look forward to hearing what you have to share! We’ve started a thread on our GitHub Discissons forum where we welcome feedback and open discussion on all of the above.

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